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Auction purchases usually need to be planned out and wrapped up within mere weeks. Bidders usually need to complete within 28 days, meaning funding needs to be issued asap.

A borrower turned to us for this very reason. They required funds to secure an unoccupied property found at auction. They had already put some money into the property, raising its EPC rating in the process, and now they needed us to help finalise the investment.

Our underwriter moved quickly to address all the necessary due diligence, and support the borrower’s plans.

Starting as you mean to go on

Given the short timeframe involved, the underwriter got straight to work on the valuation and other parts of the process. We quickly determined the property offered a good security in a popular location.

The client wanted to complete some light refurbishment work, and then look to sell the property. Given the property’s potential, this should have been an easily workable strategy.

However, should it not have sold for any reason, obtaining a tenant to bring in income would also have been a viable option.

As the property was in a prime location, it was likely the investor would have no real problem in finding a buyer, or a tenant. Knowing this, we issued funding, allowing the borrower to lock-in the property ahead of any looming deadlines.

We provide more than just loans

Auction demand, especially online demand, has ramped up in recent years. There are opportunities to be discovered at the UK’s auction houses. But given how quickly the bidding moves, property investors will want to be prepared.

This is why we have created many useful tools and resources over the last few months to support your investment goals.

We have a property auction finance guide which breaks down everything you need to know about how specialist funding can help you, along with an auction finance calculator, which will allow you to budget ahead of time.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to support, educate, and guide property investors. If you’d like to work with a lender who truly wants you to succeed, feel free to reach out.

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