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Find out how much you can borrow for your investment property with our property investment loan calculators. Enter a few relevant details about your property, and yourself, and get a free instant quote showing how much you could borrow, and how much it may cost.

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Bridging Loan Calculator

Calculate the loan amount you may be able to apply for and the interest payment options available to you.

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Buy-To-Let Calculator

Use the calculator to understand which product tier best matches your BTL requirements.

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Auction Finance Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how much you can borrow for your auction purchase.

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Property investment loan calculator guide

How do our calculators work?


We’ve made our investment loan calculators as easy to use as possible, for our bridging, buy-to-let and auction services alike. All that’s needed from you is some preliminary figures on your property investment plan. As you enter the details, the calculation results will be updated in real time. You’ll be able to see how much you can borrow, what you’ll need to pay back, and whether we can provide you with the specialist finance you need.

For a bridge loan, we’ll need a few basic details on the property you’ll be using for the security. This includes the property’s value, along with an outstanding mortgage figure. After this, you can incorporate your actual loan requirements.

You can enter a required loan amount – a figure you think you’ll need to lock-in a purchase or move forward with your property investment plans. You’ll also need to select the interest payment plan you’d prefer, and the term (or length) for your repayments.

Finally, you’ll be able to enter different interest rates and arrangement fee percentages to see how these costs will affect your investment property loan.


If you’re looking for buy-to-let finance, we’ll need a few more intricate details. We’ll need to know the kind of property you’re investing into – whether it’s an HMO, a holiday let, or other type of asset. You’ll also need to provide information on your experience.

We’ll need to know if you’re a first-time landlord, an expat, whether you’re investing via an offshore company, and if there’s any adverse credit issues to be aware of. Beyond this, you’ll be able to enter figures for the property value, monthly rent, and the terms. Just as is the case with our bridging calculator, the buy-to-let results will adapt in real time.

The results we provide are estimations. For exact details, you’ll need to contact us so we can get a clear picture on your circumstances. Your loan, and its costs, will be varied by a range of personal, and economic factors. This is where our underwriters come into play. They’ll be at the ready to discuss your case with you and get the ball rolling.

How much can you borrow following a property investment loan calculator result?

Our investment loan calculators will provide a figure based off the data you enter but across our products, we can offer loans ranging between £100,000 and £50,000,000. The funding available to you will be dependent on the type of investment you’re making.

For example, if you’re seeking finance for a commercial property investment, you’ll be able to borrow up to £30,000,000. If you’re purchasing a property at auction, the most available to you will be £20,000,000 for a single property.

What, and where, can the calculator be used for?

You can use our property investment loan calculators for both residential and commercial investment opportunities. You can work out how much a residential purchase could cost you, or understand what you can borrow against a property for a new business venture.

Our funding can be used for property investments based in England or Wales. We cannot lend to investments in Northern Ireland or Scotland. However, we lend to borrowers from all over the world (apart from sanctioned countries) to purchase or finance their properties in England and Wales.

What costs aren’t included in the calculation?

The main costs our investment loan calculators incorporate are the interest rates and corresponding repayments. While you’ll be able to factor in an arrangement fee, the actual charges levied will vary from case to case. Our arrangement fees start from 1% of the gross loan amount.

Exit fees may also be applicable, depending on the type of loan involved. Where they are levied, they’ll be done so on a price on application basis. What’s more, we have no admin fees, and commitment fees are refunded on drawdown.

As to be expected, our underwriters will be able to break down exactly how much your loan will cost. What you’ll be offered will be dependent on your personal circumstances, the assets you own, moves in the wider market and numerous other factors.

Do rates matter?

The market has seen a lot of movement in recent months. We explain why rates don’t necessarily matter and how to use short-term finance to your advantage.

Why should you use a investment loan calculator?

Property investment is intense. You’re facing an incredibly competitive market, so you don’t want poor budgeting to hold you back. Having an idea of how your costings could impact your returns will prove crucial. Our calculator, which will only take up a few minutes of your time, can allow you to keep bottom-line figures in your mind as you move forward.

As we offer a bespoke approach it’s important to remember that the rate and terms you are quoted on our loan calculators are indicative and provide an estimation only. What our underwriters can then do is take your personal circumstances into account for a more tailored approach.

It is therefore worthwhile to do the calculations for yourself on our calculator first, to understand the LTV you could be looking at, and how your net loan is affected by changing interest rates or payment plans. However, you should then contact us to get accurate numbers for your circumstances.

What information should you have ready following a quote?

After you’ve used our property investment loan calculator, you may then want to get in touch with us to discuss next steps. You’ll be assigned an underwriter who will guide you through the process but generally, there are a few essentials we’ll need details on. These will remain the same regardless of whether you’re a first-time buyer, or an experienced investor expanding a portfolio.

We’ll want to know why you’re investing and what your end goals are. Are you looking to flip a property for a quick profit? Do you want to generate income from a buy-to-let investment? We’ll be asking these kinds of questions as we review your specifics.

Crucially, we’ll also need to understand your exit strategy plans. We will not issue funds without a clear exit route. Often, this will involve refinancing onto long-term finance, or the selling of a property. You can have several exit strategy options available to you, what’s important is that they’re realistic and tangible.

What else should you be thinking about beyond the calculation?

You can use the results from our property investment loan calculator to then help with any other calculations that could be on the horizon. Beyond our services, you’ll likely need to incorporate buy-to-let yields, return on investment, and gross operating profit equations into your strategizing.

Also, you’ll need to remember there’s limitations to what we can advise on. We have a lot of experience and expertise in the specialist finance market, but we’re not tax advisors or investment managers.

We cannot advice on wealth planning or equity market timing. If you need help with these types of concerns, you’re best seeking guidance from accountants, financial planners, and other professionals.

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