is a bridging loan expensive

Are bridging loans expensive?

When it comes to expense, it’s all relative. Bridge loans, alternative forms of flexible finance, can be costlier than their mainstream counterparts. But this expense is short-term in nature. Bridging…
Do high street banks do bridging loans

Do high street banks do bridging loans?

There’s a reason why bridging finance is a specialist market. You may have approached your high street bank of choice for short term support in the past, only to end…
guide to credit scores

A Simple Guide to Credit Scores

What is a credit score, what’s affecting mine, and what is a “good” score? A credit score determines your creditworthiness. In the UK, it’s a 3-digit number which indicates how…
top house flipping mistakes

Top 11 house flipping mistakes & how to avoid them

Property flipping, where it’s done right, can be a very profitable endeavour. Generally, the most common form of flipping involves buying undervalued properties, fixing them up through refurbishments, and selling…
become an HMO landlord

How to become an HMO landlord: An introduction

We’re living in a time when house prices are rising, mainstream lender’s criteria are tightening and finding a mortgage offer with a 10% deposit is near to impossible. The Guardian…
Market Financial Solutions MFS MFS Top 5: Home improvements to help sell, sell, sell

5 Home improvements that add value to your house

The property market is in constant movement. If the market doesn’t allow you to sell your property right now, you can take other steps to increase the value of your…
how to buy unoccupied property

How to buy unoccupied property? An investor guide

Despite new build properties are cropping up by the thousands across the UK, the government’s aim to build 300,000 new homes each year is falling short. Land is becoming a…
what is a bridging loan

What is a bridging loan and how does it work?

These days the financial market is swamped with different types of loans and finance products, one being bridging loans. But what is a bridging loan and how does it work?…