what is a bdm in finance service

What is a BDM in finance, and should you use one?

Business development managers (BDMs) hold a crucial role in any organisation. Where a company wants to expand and better support their clientele, it’ll primarily be up to BDMs to get…
financing an airbnb

How to finance an Airbnb property: A 7 step guide

Airbnb, the online platform which allows homeowners and landlords to rent out their homes for short periods of time, has gained rapid traction in recent years. Especially from travellers who…
How much does cavity wall insulation cost

How much does cavity wall insulation cost? Is it worth it?

Sustainability and climate change become increasingly important to both buyers and renters. As such, insulation is being recognised as one effective way to improve a property’s energy efficiency. On top…
is a bridging loan expensive

Are bridging loans expensive?

When it comes to expense, it’s all relative. Bridge loans, alternative forms of flexible finance, can be costlier than their mainstream counterparts. But this expense is short-term in nature. Bridging…
Do high street banks do bridging loans

Do high street banks do bridging loans?

There’s a reason why bridging finance is a specialist market. You may have approached your high street bank of choice for short term support in the past, only to end…
guide to credit scores

A Simple Guide to Credit Scores

What is a credit score, what’s affecting mine, and what is a “good” score? A credit score determines your creditworthiness. In the UK, it’s a 3-digit number which indicates how…