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Market Financial Solutions MFS Private Investors Our Investment Model

MFS was founded in November 2006 and ever since we have provided fast, simple and transparent bridging loans to the UK property industry. In January 2022, we took our first steps into the buy-to-let sector, expanding our services to reach the needs of a much larger market.

MFS has years of working with the top 10 Institutional Investment Banks. See our press release for our most recent investment of £400m. At MFS we have the expertise and experience with a team that works to detailed analytical models.

We create tailored investment packages for each of our Institutional & Corporate investors, which prioritises the protection of their capital. This is underpinned by our proven investor model to grow our business.

Our investment model:

Our institutional investment opportunities cater for high volume investment with strong returns. Investor funds are directed into high-earning bridging finance and buy-to-let mortgages, which are secured by placing charges on assets owned by the borrower; located in England and Wales.

Our company is situated in the heart of Mayfair, on Hertford Street, London. However, we provide investors from all around the world with attractive returns. You can request your copy of our Asset secured investment brochure via the form below.

Investment opportunities for Institutional investors:

  • Fixed and variable returns
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting
  • Robust underwriting criteria
  • Third party audits
  • Bridging and Buy-to-Let investment opportunities
private investors

If you would like to receive more information and are interested in investing with MFS, you will find the finer details within our Investor Brochure. You can request your copy via the form below.

Market Financial Solutions MFS Why Invest with MFS
  • We offer healthy returns for our funding partners through fully secured and risk-mitigated lending to our borrowers.
  • We provide institutional investors with a bespoke experience. Our 16 years’ industry knowledge allows us to understand the most suitable partnership with our existing and new institutional investors.
  • We study our borrowers’ financial affairs and loan requirements thoroughly to provide our funding partners with security and peace of mind. We also have a strong, consistent and growing loan book.
  • We provide transparency and good business practices from the outset. We believe these are key components in helping to generate long-term value and ensuring our stakeholders are protected at all times.

Investor Onboarding

Initial enquiry
Every referral or recommendation will be followed by a meeting and presentation to welcome you to MFS. We use this time to develop an understanding about the funds and expectations.

In this phase of the onboarding both parties sign a NDA so that we can get the process started.

Investor Engagement
We will provide investors with a selection of deal proposals tailored to their individual requirements. We share the MFS company presentation, our lending track record and due diligence on the MFS loan book.

Know-Your-Client / AML Process
We collect relevant documents to know our investors and ensure all necessary safeguards are met and completed.

Investor Commitment & Credit Approvals
Once a deal is confirmed, the funds will be requested and the loan charge will be taken our in the investor’s names, for their security. We agree the funding terms and the structure of the transaction.

Engage Legals
We onboard the legal teams to finalise the funding documentation and sign off the funding with the investors.

Investor Management
From start to completion, MFS will supply robust reports and updates alongside the full administration of the investment.

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