Refinance Bridging Loan

Rate from:


Term Length:

3 – 24 months


up to 75%

Loan amount:

£100k – £50m

refinance bridging loan

Re-bridging loans in any circumstances

Refinance bridging loans are loans taken out by the borrower to replace an existing finance facility. This can be with the same lender, or a different lender.

Refinancing using another bridging loan is often referred to as a re-bridging loan and borrowers may need to do this for several reasons. Generally, a refinance bridging loan is needed when a client’s exit strategy has fallen through. They apply for a new bridging loan so they can pay off their current lender.  This provides enough time to arrange a new exit strategy, should your initial strategy have fallen through. This could be to:

  • Arrange traditional long-term finance
  • Finish a refurbishment project
  • Find a new buyer.

Refinance with confidence

Use our bridging finance calculator to receive a detailed quote. This will outline your potential interest, charges and other costs associated with our loans – so your client will know what to expect from the start.

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Refinance Bridging Loans

What you need to know:

bridging loan for auction properties

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