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development exit guide

The Complete Development Exit Finance Guide

Learn everything there is to know about Development Exit Finance. We’ll explain what it’s used for, how it’s used, and how it fits inside a broader development strategy. Download your guide for free.

property auction finance guide

The Complete Property Auction Finance Guide

Get your free Property Auction Finance Guide with extensive information about the auction finance landscape. Learn how auction loans works, what different types of action finance there are, what to look out for to get your finance in position and more.

what is a buy to let mortgage

The Complete Buy-to-Let Mortgage Guide

Get your comprehensive all-you-need-to-know guide about buy-to-let mortgages. We explain how specialist BTL mortgages work, what you can utilise them for, and the types of landlords who could benefit from them.

bridging loans explained

The Complete Bridging Loan Guide

New to bridging loans or just want to soak up a bit more information? Check out our Complete Bridging Guide and learn everything you need to know about this specialist finance product.

Winners and Losers of the UK Property Market

Infographic: Winners and Losers of the UK Property Market

After the challenges of the previous months, we look at the data across countries, regions, property types as well as the buy-to-let and commercial sectors to determine the winners and losers of the UK property market. And what is the outlook for the future?

mfs top 5 highlights 2022

MFS Top 5 Highlights 2022

It’s been a great year for MFS. Lots has happened. See our top highlights of the year 2022 in our infographic.

student hmo guide

Guide to Student HMO Property Investment

With the new academic year fast approaching, some investors in the property market might be considering a foray into student housing. We look into why student HMOs are so popular, how to get started and how to maximise profits.

Guide to property auctions

Guide to property auctions

Over the past 12 months, Britain seems to have caught the auction bug. Auctions have always been a favourite of property investors and developers as a means to find assets under market value.

Buy-to-Let Guide

Buy-to-let guide

There are many reasons why people rent, and equally there are many reasons why people let. When it comes to investing in buy-to-let property, there are several elements’ landlords need to decide upon before purchasing a property – but where do you start?

guide to hmos2

A guide to HMOs

Since the 2020 pandemic, we’re living in a time where house prices are rising, mainstream lender’s criteria are tightening and finding a mortgage offer with a 10% deposit is near to impossible. Yet renting has never been so popular and Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) are becoming well sought after. With demand for rental property on the rise, HMOs are becoming an attractive opportunity. Landlords can benefit from a regular income, but also potentially enjoy growth in the value of the property.

Guide to Conversion COVER 1.0

A Guide to Conversions

Whilst 2020 might not have been the best year, it has brought about some of the highest spikes in property value that the UK has seen within the past 4 years.

Top5 uses commercial bridging loans

MFS top 5 uses of a commercial bridging loan

There are several ways a commercial bridging loan can help you take advantage of the current climate. Purchasing at the right time could help you increase your property yield and support the UK property market. Here is our MFS top 5 uses of commercial bridging finance.

Infographic buy to let

How to find the right buy-to-let property?: an infographic

How do I find the right buy-to-let property for me? Buy to let properties take up a huge section of the UK property market, as the demand from tenants grows. According to the Office of National Statistics the private rental sector has seen an increase in demand, which has caused rental prices to rise by 1.3% across England; in the 12 months leading up to January 2021.

Cityscapes Infographic

Cityscapes – 15 years of change

To celebrate our 15 year anniversary, we’ve taken a look at three of the biggest and up-and-coming cities in the UK to see how they’ve changed over time.

Outlook for 2021 Infographic

Trends for 2021: An Infographic

2020, as one of the most disruptive years in history, will drive how the property market develops in 2021. This infographic details the year we face based on trends from 2020.

hmos new opportunities student accommodation

HMO’s & new opportunities – Student Accommodation

HMOs are becoming an attractive opportunity for those looking for upcoming residential investments. Why is this the case? We believe there are three reasons for this.

image for file

COVID19: The MFS stats

With the transition period underway, we are now hopefully seeing the back of the Coronavirus lockdown. View our infographic to see the MFS lockdown stats.

mfs guide to market 2019

MFS’ guide to Covid-19 and the UK property market

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is posing one of the most significant social and economic challenges faced by the UK since World War Two.

bricks and mortar

Bricks and mortar investment: Mapping out investor demand for UK property

How much demand is there for property investment in the UK at present? And which are the most popular places across the country to purchase real estate? Find out by downloading a copy of MFS’ new infographic.

MFS infographic review of 2019webcrop 1 710x1024 1

Celebrating a year of record-breaking achievements for MFS

Here at Market Financial Solutions (MFS), the past 12 months delivered many standout moments. In fact, 2019 was our strongest year on record with new milestones reached and a record number of bridging loans written and deployed, all supported by a growing team of the UK’s leading bridging finance professionals.

on the rise

On the rise – A review of the UK bridging market

When the global financial crisis struck in 2008, property investors were confronted by a challenging set of circumstances.

guide to property auctions

Guide to property auctions and bridging loans

Having consulted some of the leading names in the property auction market, our helpful guide provides valuable insights for buyers and brokers alike.

new records 2019

MFS setting new records in 2019

MFS is celebrating its most successful ever start to a year – and that’s saying something, given we’ve been at the forefront of the UK bridging sector for more than a decade now.

MFS broker research

Broker Research Infographic

Autumn budget 2018 Factsheet

Autumn Budget 2018 Factsheet

property investor index

UK property investor index

Brexit has had little impact on property investment sentiment. Only 9% of UK investors think Brexit negotiations will derail their plans over the next two years. In fact, many buyers plan to incorporate oncoming legislative changes into short-term strategies. Looking ahead, investors plan to explore the buy-to-let market for opportunity.