Complex Buy-to-Let Mortgages



Term Length:

3 years

Loan amount:

£150k – £10m


up to 75%

Flexible Buy-To-Let Mortgages

We launched our complex buy-to-let mortgage to provide the market with the flexible finance it needs. Our flexible buy-to-let mortgages have a 3-year term with low Early Repayment Charges (ERC) for the first 2 years, and no ERCs at all in the final year.

We pride ourselves on our ability to look at complex circumstances and make them simple. We do this by employing a bespoke approach to our BTL mortgages and expert underwriting to each and every case, with the same contactable underwriter from enquiry to completion. We do not adhere to tick-box criteria and will always look for ways to lend, rather than looking for ways to say no.

We are the only lender to roll and defer interest to maximise the loan size, and we don’t penalise higher rate tax payers – utilising 130% ICR across the board.

Residential Buy to let

Our complex buy-to-let mortgages can cover:

  • First timers to Portfolio Pro’s – up to £10m with MFS
  • We try to lend more than other BTL lenders, boosting loan sizes through deferred interest, rolled up/deferred months, and top slicing
  • Use rolled interest to create breathing space – E.g. Roll 2 months of interest to undertake light refurb and find a tenant, then start the monthly payments
  • Holiday lets, unlimited HMOs and 30 unit MUFBs – we do it all
  • Term length: 3 years, with possibility to leave earlier – providing optionality for investment strategies
  • We specialise in finance for Expats, foreign nationals, trusts & offshore companies
  • We can offer refinancing on to MFS products to provide a longer term
  • We are very comfortable with large loans – £3m at 75% LTV on single properties
  • Ideal for a bridge exit – use MFS bridging to convert or refurb a property and exit to our longer term BTL range

Get your quote with our Buy-To-Let calculator

Try out our Buy-To-Let Calculator today to find out how much you can borrow. Download your quote for free to receive a detailed quote showing your interest, charges and other costs associated with your buy-to-let loan.

  • Did you know there are no exit fees in the 3rd year?
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Contact Us

Speak to one of our underwriters or BDMs on the phone, via chat or email about your case, however complex it might be. We will try our best to say yes to you, instead of finding a reason to say no.

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5 simple steps away from your flexible buy-to-let mortgage

short-term buy-to-let mortgage

Step 1: Loan Enquiry & Indicative Terms

Enquire your way – phone, email, online. The underwriter will require a few details before providing an indicative tier, rate & loan size. We have various tools to make Interest Cover Ratio (ICR) fit!

  • We respond in under 4 hours

interest only buy-to-let mortgage

Step 2: Underwrite & Issue DIP

Like what you see? We require a small number of docs to finalise the underwrite. We then issue ‘credit approved terms’ in the form of a Decision in Principle (DIP), verified by our Credit Committee to ensure a yes means yes.

  • DIP issued usually less than 24 hours

interest only buy-to-let mortgage

Step 3: Valuation

DIP signed, valuation & admin fee paid? Time to value the property. Our underwriters agree the best terms/timescales from our panel for the type of property. The valuation verifies the security details on which the DIP is based.

  • Instructed usually less than 24 hours of fees being cleared

short-term mortgage for buy-to-let

Step 4: Legal Documentation

Time for the solicitors to do their thing, issuing contracts, and progressing the case towards completion. We use our trusted panel to ensure that we complete on time. You are included in all steps of the process.

  • We instruct quickly and only use Firms we know

interest only buy-to-let mortgage

Step 5: Loan Drawn Down

Great, the loan is ready to go and be put into use.

  • Depending on the circumstances, this can be in as little as a week from Enquiry

Complex Buy-To-Let Mortgages

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