Internal teamwork for a complicated deal with multiple properties

Internal teamwork for a complicated deal

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Sometimes, deals with particularly unique backgrounds need to be raised internally to ensure everything is accounted for. An experienced property investor required finance to cover an existing facility, and capital raise for business purposes.

But, all the properties were utilised by people with distinctive circumstances. These circumstances required our underwriter to flag the case internally before we could progress.

As our teams came together, we happily realised we could accommodate this deal, and comfortably handle the associated risk . This allowed the underwriter to get on with the task of assessing the case, and focus on the exit strategy.

Ruling out any foreseeable issues

By going through the details thoroughly, we determined that we wouldn’t have to take any additional precautions for this deal, so long as the solicitor involved reviewed the case before we proceeded. . As the underwriter was given the green light to move forward, they focused on the borrower’s end goals.

They planned to sell individual properties to cover our loan, or move on to long term finance. We noted that it would likely be easy for the borrower to sell other assets within their portfolio for the exit strategy, while external lenders should not have had any issues working with them.

Given that the potential exit strategies were viable, and all our internal teams were in agreement, we happily provided the finance needed.

Embracing uncertainty

Leaseholds are likely to be focused on by investors and lenders alike over the coming years as potential reform makes its way through parliament. While well meaning, legislative intervention inevitably leads to unexpected consequences.

As we’ve seen in the post-pandemic years, the unexpected caught many high street lenders off-guard. Mortgage deals were pulled, and eligibility criteria was tightened as the economy took a turn.

Fortunately, MFS was designed from the ground up to adapt to the unexpected, or the challenging. Since our founding in 2006, we have never stopped lending, and we have no plans to slow down any time soon.

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