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Starting a portfolio

DATE: 14th September 2023 | 30 MINUTES

Are you looking to expand your property empire but you’re not sure how to take the next step?

Ranjan Bhattacharya, founder of Succeed in Property, joins Mark this week and shares his advice for those looking to expand their portfolios in the current market. He also discusses his own experiences to offer insight on how to succeed on the monopoly board that is the property market.


The before and after of auctions

DATE: 31st August 2023 | 25 MINUTES

Have you been looking for the know-how on property auctions, like what you can do to avoid auction pitfalls or wondered what auctioneers consider to be the most important thing to do before buying a property at auction?

Well now you don’t have to!

With more people turning to property auctions, we thought now would be a great time to provide some need-to-know tips from one of our Let’s Talk Property Experts. That’s why this week, Mark is joined by Rugby player turned Auctioneer, Paul Doran Jones from Town & Country Auctions, who answers all the above, and more, in our latest episode of Let’s Talk Property.



Delving into development exits

DATE: 17th August 2023 | 20 MINUTES

Join Mark as he delves into development exits with Nik Mair, CEO of London Mortgage Solutions.

This week, our LTP Expert uses his personal experience, as both a broker and property developer, to explain why some developers need to take on a developer exit loan.

Don’t miss Nik’s advice on:

  • If/when you should start thinking about development exit finance
  • Why it is becoming so important for developers in current market


Financing HMOs – the future of buy-to-let?

Houses in Multiple Occupations, or HMOs for short, have become a prevalent topic over recent podcast episodes, so we needed an expert to help us answer a key question – are they really looking to be the future of the buy-to-let market?

MFS’ very own Chief Mortgage Officer Mike Cook gives his overview on the subject, looking at how buy-to-let market has changed over the years, before discussing the potential trajectory of the industry.

DATE: 3rd August 2023 | 35 MINUTES


Landlords vs Tenants

DATE: 20th July 2023 | 29 MINUTES

Looking for real estate advice on what’s hot and what’s not in 2023?

Elle Osborne, CEO of EO Estate Agents, joins Mark for episode 4, as she shares how real estate sales have changed since the pandemic, as well as discussing today’s property demands from tenants so far this year…


Navigating The Perfect Storm

DATE: 5th July 2023 | 31 MINUTES

Kam Dovedi joins Mark Hutchings on Let’s Talk Property to discuss current market trends and help property investors navigate the perfect storm, that seems to be clouding the UK property market.


What You Need To Know About Bridging

DATE: 22nd June 2023 | 35 MINUTES

Bridging finance has been a round for years, but what actually is a bridging loan?

How do they work and how can they help you purchase a property in the UK?

Join MFS’ Mark Hutchings and Imogen Williams, as they set about to uncover answers for these questions, and much, much more!


Becoming a Bridging Broker

DATE: 1st June 2023 | 28 MINUTES

Akhil Mair joins Mark this week to discuss how he become involved in the industry, provide experts tips on understanding the broker market and how he became Managing Director of Our Mortgage Broker.