Capital Raising Mortgage


tracker & fixed

Term Length:

3 years

Loan amount:

£150k – £10m


up to 75%

Capital Raising Buy-To-Let Mortgage

  • Loan amount: £150,000 – £10,000,000
  • LTV: 75%
  • Interest rates: tracker & fixed rates available
  • Charge type: 1st charge
  • Term: 3-year term
  • Completion time: from 10 days
  • Location of property: England or Wales

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Capital raising mortgage made simple

A capital raising mortgage allows homeowners to raise capital, or release equity from their home. The capital generated can then be used for any endeavours the owner wants to follow, such as using as a deposit for another investment property, making improvements to their properties (e.g., improving the energy performance to future-proof and increase rents), or covering other debts or business expenditure.

A capital raising mortgage comes in the form of a remortgage and at MFS, we can provide a capital raising buy-to-let mortgage for landlords. We have a range of tools at our disposal that will allow you to take your buy-to-let plans to the next level.

How much can you borrow?

Use our online calculator to find out you max. loan amount, how much you need to repay, and which product is suitable for you. Play around with different scenarios according to your circumstances and find out how we can help you.

5 simple steps to get your capital raising mortgage

short-term buy-to-let mortgage

Step 1: Loan Enquiry & Indicative Terms

Regardless of whether you’re remortgaging or making a buy-to-let purchase, the process starts in the same way. You will need to send through an initial enquiry, which can be done online, over the phone, or via email. We will respond to this enquiry within 4 hours, and you’ll be assigned a dedicated underwriter. This underwriter will gather a few initial details from you to provide an indicative tier, rate, and loan size.

interest only buy-to-let mortgage

Step 2: Underwrite & Issue DIP

If you’re happy to progress, the underwriter will then need some paperwork from you to keep the ball rolling. Once we have what we need, we will issue “credit approved terms” in the form of a Decision in Principle (DIP). This DIP will be verified by our Credit Committee, and we’ll move to have this all completed within 24 hours.

interest only buy-to-let mortgage

Step 3: Valuation

When you sign the DIP, and cover the valuation and admin fees, we’ll move to have the property valued. Your assigned underwriter will work with you to agree to the best terms and timescales for your specific investment. The valuation will verify the details on which the DIP will be based, and our valuations are usually instructed within a day of fees clearing.

short-term mortgage for buy-to-let

Step 4: Legal Documentation

As we come to the final stages, solicitors will be in touch to issue contracts, and get the deal ready for completion. We only work with a trusted panel of solicitors who always work to complete as quickly as possible. During the legal stage and indeed, throughout the entirety of the lending process, you will be kept in the loop. If there any updates or if problems arise, you will be the first to know about it.

interest only buy-to-let mortgage

Step 5: Loan Drawn Down

When everything is wrapped up, your capital raising mortgage will be ready to be put to use. So long as everything lines up during the assessment process, this could all be done within a week from your initial enquiry.

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Capital Raising Mortgage for Buy-to-Let Landlords

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