Buy-to-Let HMO Mortgage



Term Length:

3 years

Loan amount:

£150k – £3m


up to 75%

HMO Buy-To-Let Mortgages

A Buy-to-Let HMO mortgage allows property investors to purchase a house in multiple occupation. A property will be a HMO, which stands for ‘House in Multiple Occupation’ if it both has at least 3 tenants living in it, forming more than 1 household, and these tenants share a toilet, bathroom, or kitchen facilities.

These properties tend to be quite large, and often involve many moving parts with so many disparate tenants coming together in the same space. Given how intricate HMO investments can be, our Buy-to-Let HMO mortgage was created from the ground up with landlords in mind. It can be adapted to a range of HMO scenarios, allowing you to comfortably focus on your tenants and long-term goals.

Buy-to-Let HMO Mortgage

Expertise in Complex Circumstances

Our Buy-to-Let HMO mortgage is designed for landlords looking to target specific tenants in this sub-sector, which may include students or young professionals.

  • Loan amount: £150k – £3m
  • LTV: 75%
  • Interest rates: tracker rates (variable)
  • Charge type: 1st charge
  • Term: 3 years (no early repayment charges in year 3)
  • Completion time: from 10 days
  • Location of property: England, Wales

Calculate Your BTL Loan Amount

Need an instant quote? Use our online buy-to-let mortgage calculator to determine how much MFS are able to lend for your circumstances. Just type in a few details about your investment, change values as you need, and find out which of our products is most suitable for you. You can also receive your quote by email. Then, get in touch and discuss the finer details with us.

5 simple steps to get your HMO Buy-to-Let mortgage

short-term buy-to-let mortgage

Step 1: Loan Enquiry & Indicative Terms

To get your buy-to-let HMO mortgage application started, you will need to send through an enquiry. This can be done online, over the phone, or via email. Once we receive your initial details, we’ll assign you with an underwriter who will be in touch within 4 hours. They will gather a few basic details from you, and provide an indicative tier, applicable rate, and loan size.

interest only buy-to-let mortgage

Step 2: Underwrite & Issue DIP

Your underwriter will then request a small number of documents from you to progress the deal, so long as you’re happy to move forward. Once we have what we need, we’ll move to issue credit approved terms via a Decision in Principle (DIP). These terms will be verified by our Credit Committee, and all of this can be completed within 24 hours.

interest only buy-to-let mortgage

Step 3: Valuation

Once you have signed the DIP and covered the valuation and admin fees, we can get your HMO valued. Your assigned underwriter will handle everything, working with our panel of valuers to verify the security’s details match up with the DIP. Again, valuations are usually instructed within 24 hours of fees clearing.

short-term mortgage for buy-to-let

Step 4: Legal Documentation

As we reach the final stages, we’ll work with trusted solicitors to move the deal towards completion. They’ll review the details, issue contracts, and work to get your deal completed on time. We instruct the lawyers we work with quickly and throughout; you’ll be kept in the loop. If there any complications or issues, you’ll be the first to know.

interest only buy-to-let mortgage

Step 5: Loan Drawn Down

So long as everything is accounted for, we will issue your funding, and you’ll be free to use it for your HMO investment. From start to finish, we may be able to deliver capital in as little as a week from your initial enquiry.

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Buy-To-Let HMO Mortgages

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