Moving quickly to issue refinance for a unique deal

refinance for a unique deal

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Speed plays a crucial role in any property investment strategy. Logistical time pressures can make things difficult for property investors. Meanwhile, the longer it takes to wrap up a purchase, the higher the chances are that the asset at hand may be scooped up by another investor.

Given these issues, property investors often turn to specialist finance to get things moving. Even in the face of unique circumstances.

Our underwriter had to support an investor who found themselves in a tricky situation. Due to looming deadlines, they chose to lock in a purchase using capital from other assets. They then required our funding to help balance everything back out, and cover certain property related costs.

Taking extra precautions

While this was a unique case, our underwriter had no hesitation in moving forward. Across all our bespoke products, we can accommodate unique circumstances. Every deal is assessed on its own merits, and our products adapt to our client’s needs wherever possible.

For this deal, the underwriter worked to ensure we could accommodate its complexities comfortably. After a thorough assessment, we determined that we could help the investor.

What’s more, given the security property held a lot of potential, and the borrower had multiple exit strategies available to them, we felt assured that this deal sat on solid foundations.

Specialist finance will continue to prove its worth in 2024

The bridging world is used to handling complicated cases or borrowers with certain issues in their backgrounds. But, the need to adapt to these scenarios may become especially important over the coming months.

In 2024, UK Finance expects arrears to rise to 128,800 cases by the end of the year. Also, given the challenges high street lenders struggled against in 2023, many borrowers will likely be turning to specialist finance for the first time in 2024.

Regardless of the complexities that emerge this year, expected or otherwise, we will be there for borrowers who fret that their situation is too difficult to accommodate.

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