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Commercial properties can present opportunities for foreign national investors, and those based overseas. But, foreign buyers may struggle to gain access to the UK if they go through mainstream providers at the moment.

High street banks have tightened their lending criteria in recent months, making it difficult for even some domestic buyers to progress. Overseas investors with anything less than a perfect record, and no red flags will likely struggle.

One such investor turned to us for support recently as they needed to complete quickly, and expand their portfolio. Our underwriter had to overcome some potential issues to deliver funding.

Even seasoned pros can face complications

The investor had a lot of experience in the property market, owning several properties spread across many geographic markets. But, a few complications had to be overcome before we could progress.

During our checks, we noted the property had no EPC certificate in place. With stricter legislation looming, this presented some long-term challenges. Our underwriter had to work quickly to find solution a solution.

The client’s background was raised internally and, after further evaluation, approved for progression. During the legal stages, we worked to address the EPC issue and make sure it was amended prior to completion.

We worked with the valuer involved to determine that the underlying asset offered a good security. Also, the investor’s experience reassured us. Their exit strategy was also sound and in progress. With these assurances in place, we delivered funding quickly, allowing them to jump on the opportunity.

The commercial market may not face difficulties for much longer

Commercial property demand has come under pressure in recent years, due to the fallout of the pandemic. Deal numbers have fallen, and prices dropped in the 2nd half of 2022.

Yet, the tide may be turning. Businesses across the UK want to see workers back in their offices, manufacturing plants, and retail hubs. Also, reduced prices may now present an opportunity for buyers to purchase an asset at a good price, before the market rebounds.

Fortunately, there are many options available to these buyers. Semi-commercial properties can offer an in-road to the market, while underappreciated assets can be found at auction. Regardless of where property investors find their next opportunity though, specialist finance may be able to help them secure it at pace.

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