Offshore trust

Offshore trust

Gross Loan Amount:


Property Value:



50 %

Initial Circumstances

An existing broker came to us with a client looking to sell a property under the name of a complex corporate company structure involving an overseas trust, to cover the costs of overrunning refurbishment works on their original loan.

MFS Solutions

Due to the uncertainty at the time regarding Brexit, the client felt it best to hold off selling until the property market stabilised. They therefore needed 50% LTV to cover the shortage on their original loan, as the current facility was coming up to expiry and they needed to refinance the asset.

With the asset residing in the UK, our underwriter had to work closely with the broker in order to coordinate communication between all parties, including the settler of the trust and the person managing the trust.

The Benefits

Despite the complex nature of the trust and the added impediment of oversea communication, we were able to get the bridging loan completed in a simple nature for the clients and left the broker elated with our expertise and handling of the case.

The broker has since returned to us with additional complex circumstance cases that may be considered too rich by other brokers, with the confidence in our success rate with complex loans.

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