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refinancing a portfolio

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Where investors are purchasing or refinancing more than one property at a time, additional due diligence is required. We need to make sure the investment case for each one of the properties is strong. Especially where there may be drawbacks with other elements of the case.

A client required refinance for their property portfolio. Our funds were to be used to redeem an existing loan used to purchase the assets, which was due to expire.

Our underwriter got to work, making sure the deal could complete in time to meet the soon to be expired deadline.

Using outside resources to support a deal

Working with the broker, our underwriter gathered all the evidence they needed to make sure that all of the properties had potential.

We saw that all of the properties were well designed and would be desirable for tenants and/or buyers. Also, all had tenants already in place who would be renting the properties until at least mid-2024, securing income over the medium term.

Seeing this potential reassured us over the strength of the deal. What’s more, the borrower was already in talks with a longer-term lender for a refinancing exit strategy. Given all this, we happily delivered the finance required.

Opportunity for landlords

Securing tenants in the current BTL market is crucial, considering how challenging the market has become. Fortunately, there are still pockets of opportunities for landlords. The luxury rental market remains surprisingly resilient, while many HMOs are generating particularly high yields.

To allow landlords to take advantage of these opportunities, we have several funding options available. Our specialist BTL mortgages bring bridging-like speed and flexibility to the mortgage market.

Meanwhile, our bridging loans can help with everything from refurbishments through to auction bids. Where landlords want to expand, we’ll be there with an array of tools at our disposal.

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