MFS launches new report to help property investors in 2019

As a provider of bridging loans, MFS works closely with property investors every day of the year. And we know that, amidst the political and economic uncertainty resulting from Brexit, those looking to purchase real estate in the UK are increasingly requiring guidance as to how the market will fare over the coming months and years.

Fear not: we are here to help.

Let’s start by dispelling some of the doom and gloom. Indeed, real estate as an asset class has traditionally proven resilient in the face of political turbulence, with consistently high demand from domestic and international buyers meaning property is positioned to deliver secure, long-term returns even amidst periods of uncertainty.

This rings true as we reflect on the performance of property since the EU referendum; last year, the value of homes in the UK increased by £190 billion to hit a record £7.29 trillion.

For those looking to invest in the buy-to-let (BTL) market in 2019, there is significant appetite for information about the way the property sector is likely to respond to the challenges Brexit will pose. Which regions are likely to attract property investment over the coming 12 months? Where can BTL landlords achieve the highest rental yields? And why are investors turning to bridging finance?

Drawing on our many years of real estate experience, Market Financial Solutions has released a new report to provide you with valuable insight around these important questions. Titled ‘Brexit and Beyond: Understanding the UK’s Buy-To-Let market in 2019’, the report ensures broker and borrowers are informed about the key trends likely to shape the BTL market.

Click here to download your copy of ‘Brexit and Beyond: Understanding the UK’s Buy-To-Let market in 2019’.