What do the latest house price figures mean for property investors?

Nationwide’s House Price Index (HPI) offers a useful snapshot into how property investors are reacting to the latest market trends. At a time when Brexit is dominating the political agenda, the latest HPI figures from November make for some very interesting reading.

Looking at the figures, it is clear that property still remains an asset high in demand despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Nationwide’s HPI has revealed that annual house price growth across the UK has risen by 1.9% in the 12 months leading to November, with a modest 0.3% increase on prices recorded in October. Moreover, the number of new-build constructions entering the market has reached its highest rate in over a decade.

There’s no denying the resilience of real estate as an asset able to weather economic pressures. And while the UK property market may present a diverse range of investment opportunities across the residential and commercial sectors, limited supply and rising demand have made the process of buying a property extremely competitive.

The Government has pledged to redress the imbalance between supply and demand by encouraging the construction of new-build homes. Despite such efforts, however, buy-to-let investors face the real risk of becoming stuck in a delayed property chain. To ensure that investors are adequately positioned to overcome the challenges that arise from property chains, access to fast finance can often determine whether a real estate purchase is successfully completed.

As we cast our eyes to 2019, Market Financial Solutions will be on hand to ensure our brokers and borrowers are able to take advantage of the benefits on offer from bridging loans. To discuss your property investment strategy for the coming 12 months, be sure to arrange a meeting with a member of the Market Financial Solutions team.

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