MFS partners with Twenty7Tec

MFS has partnered with Twenty7Tec, a technology platform that streamlines how advisers source mortgages.

Launched in 2014, Twenty7Tec’s CloudTwenty7 platform makes the process of searching, applying for and obtaining a mortgage simpler, faster and more efficient. Used by intermediaries, the platform covers mortgages, bridging finance and secured loans.

MFS has partnered with Twenty7Tec to enable more brokers to access its specialist finance products via the SOURCE module.

Powered by CloudTwenty7, SOURCE is a sophisticated search engine for mortgage, equity release, secured and bridging loan products.

The engine analyses product, criteria and lender affordability in order to determine the most appropriate product recommendation.

MFS has listed on CloudTwenty7 to support its further expansion after an impressive 12 months. It has grown its staff numbers by more than 40% since the start of 2021, while in April it increased its maximum loan amount and loan term, as well as launching a new development exit product.

MFS has also secured three new funding lines this year, which are worth a combined £400 million.

The partnership with Twenty7Tec will boost the bridging lender’s visibility, enabling it to benefit from CloudTwenty7’s complete technology solution.

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