MFS – fueling the British Boom with Bridging Loans

British Boom with Bridging Loans

Boris Johnson’s decisive victory at the 2019 General Election has sparked a British boom.

Investors are flocking to UK-based assets and the financial markets are projecting impressive growth for the future. Even with the UK officially out of the European Union (as of 31st January 2020), investors and businesses are clearly not fazed.

Take the property market as an example. According to a study by Rightmove, house prices in London experienced month-on-month growth of 2.1% in January 2020. This is a remarkable performance given there has only been modest house price growth in the capital over the past 24 months.

The picture is looking equally positive outside of London. A report by Nationwide revealed the rate of national house price growth reached a 14-month high in January, with property values rising by 1.9% in 2019.

Looking beyond Brexit, the signs suggest that real estate will remain a popular asset among investors. Savills anticipates house prices could rise by as much as 15.3% by 2025, fueled by demand from domestic and international buyers.

Using bridging loans to fuel the British boom

There are still plenty of unknowns on the horizon when it comes to Brexit. Nonetheless, investors are rallying to property, attracted by its ability to deliver safe and secure returns.

Now, the Government must provide the property market with strong leadership and clear transparency during Brexit negotiations. However, the responsibility does not just lie with Westminster. It is also up to lenders to provide the support needed for buyers to complete on property purchases over the coming months.

That’s why Market Financial Solutions (MFS) recently lowered its rates – helping to fuel the UK boom by providing the market access to fast and flexible bridging finance.

Our team of specialist finance experts are on hand to ensure clients and brokers have access to expertly tailored bridging loans. We are offering loans starting from £100,000 through to £10 million, with a turnaround in as little as three days.

For more information on how bridging loans could support your next property investment, get in touch with a member of the MFS team. Email or call +44(0)20 7060 1234.

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