MFS deploys multi-million pound bridging finance in just four days

multi-million pound bridging finance

£4 million in four days

Prime Central London (PCL) property is a highly appealing venture for domestic and international investors, yet there is always risk of prospective property investors missing out on an opportunity when relying on a loan from a high street bank. At Market Financial Solutions (MFS), we deliver expertly tailored finance to support residential, buy-to-let and semi-commercial investment, meaning clients with complex financial set-ups can effectively maximise on market openings as soon as they arise.

As a result, MFS is regularly inundated with requests from brokers and property investors in need of fast and tailored bridging loan solutions. Recently, we completed our largest bridging deal to date – deploying a £17.64 million bridging loan in a matter of days.

Following on from this success, MFS is pleased to announce that we have recently issued a £4,000,000 bridging loan for a client to help further enhance their existing business. The loan was completed without delay: upon receiving the enquiry, MFS instructed an immediate valuation before our specialist underwriters devised the terms. Collectively, the portfolio used as security for the loan had a market value of £6,180,000, amounting to a 65% LTV ratio.

We agreed with the client that the exit strategy would follow a normal long-term refinancing plan, with a new lease in place thereafter to enable the borrower to refinance with a mainstream lender. Importantly, this added complexity did not slow us down: we still managed to deploy the bridging loan just four days after receiving the enquiry.

This is an important case that once again demonstrates MFS’ expertise as the go-to lender for property investors in need of fast access to finance.

If you’re a property investor interested in expanding your real estate portfolio, or a broker wanting to find out more about our competitive intermediary incentives, be sure to get in touch with a member of the MFS team today. Email or call +44 (0) 20 7060 1234.

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