Market Financial Solutions becomes the first UK bridging lender to expand into Asia

Market Financial Solutions (MFS) is proud to announce that it is expanding into Singapore, launching a new office and subsidiary company – Market Bridge Solutions (MBS).

Having established itself as one of the UK’s leading bridging lenders over the past 10 years, this exciting development comes in response to growing borrower appetite in Singapore and Southeast Asia for alternative funding sources outside of traditional mainstream lenders.

Seeking to take advantage of the region’s rapid rise as a global hub for finance, business and investment, this is a momentous step for MFS, becoming the UK’s first bridging lender to expand into Asia.

What’s more, our decision takes on added relevance in light of Singapore’s rapidly rising property market – sales in Singapore rose in volume by 50% in the first half of 2017, with the country boasting investment opportunities across both the commercial and residential sectors. Moreover, the value of residential homes in Singapore is expected to rise by 5.5% in 2018 – the highest projection of any Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN).

The growth of the UK bridging market over the past decade has been remarkable, with borrowers hungry for fast loans to seize property investment opportunities. By harnessing MFS’ experience and expertise, MBS aims to change this by increasing the number of borrowers able to access bridging loans in Singapore, offering a fast, reliable and readily accessible service.

Market Bridge Solutions will offer:

  • Short-term, asset-backed lending solutions, with a specific focus on supporting those seeking to consolidate and expand their property portfolio
  • The same stringent due diligence processes used in the UK by MFS will be applied in Singapore by MBS
  • Loans ranging from $500,000 to $10 million, with borrowing terms ranging from three months to 18 months
  • Through MFS and MBS, borrowers and investors alike can now enjoy access to the UK and Singapore markets, with both companies working in conjunction to offer flexible, creative solutions

Paresh Raja, CEO of MFS, commented: “Having established ourselves as a leader in the UK bridging market over the last ten years, MFS’ expansion into Asian market represents a significant company milestone, demonstrating not only the need for alternative finance solutions in Asia but also borrower demand for MFS’ industry-leading bridging solutions.

“As the first UK bridging lender to expand into Asia – it’s exciting to see the same asset-backed loans that we have mastered in the UK now being offered in Singapore by MBS. This is our first step into the region, and we are eagerly look forward to opening more offices across Asia in the coming years.”

Speak to a member of the MFS team to find out more about MBS.


MFS are a bridging loan and buy-to-let mortgage provider, not financial advisors. Therefore, Investors are encouraged to seek professional advice.

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