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Complex deals are our bread and butter. Where we end up dealing with a single investor, who has a spotless financial record, no complications, and a clear exit strategy at the ready, we can have funding issued in a flash. Sometimes in as little as 3 days from the initial enquiry.

But, the specialist finance market, and more specifically our products, are rarely utilised for straightforward cases. Property investors turn to bridging where they need a niche solution to a complicated situation. Our bespoke loans are made for this, with their ability to adapt to range of circumstances.

One of our underwriters had to support such a client who wanted to expand their portfolio, but with a number of caveats.

Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s

The client wanted to purchase a residential property, but their investment plan involved securing several charges against existing assets. As such, the underwriter had to factor in many different elements, including lease concerns, background checks, tenancy details and more.

To make sure everything was accounted for, we turned to our valuers and trusted solicitors for support. By embracing flexibility and a keen attention to detail, we were able to determine that all the assets involved fit in with our wider remits.

Once all the technical requirements had been met, we were then able to review the investment case for the underlying property. Not only could we see that it offered a solid rental yield in a desirable location, but there were also several exit strategies available to the borrower. Given these assurances, we were able to provide funding.

Adding to our resources so we can better serve the market

We understand how providing specialist finance for property investors is a collective effort. It involves many teams coming together to provide a unique service. This is why we pride ourselves on partnering with valuers, lawyers, and other professionals we know and trust.

We’ve built up a reputation for professionalism and quality over the years, which is why we continue to be trusted by institutional investors. We have diverse funding lines behind us supporting everything we do, and we’re well on track to grow our loan book by £1.5bn by the end of the year.

It’s also the reason why we continue to be added to lender panels and industry associations. We will continue to add to our resources, and work with external partners to support our borrowers for years to come.

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