Helping investors with no UK assets invest in their first British property

Help investors with no UK assets invest

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The UK property market can be tempting for foreign nationals. Our relative stability, and long-term potential can provide property investors with healthy returns. But, attainting these returns can be tricky for those with limited exposure to the British economy.

In recent months, high street lenders pulled deals from the shelves and tightened their criteria in the face of economic uncertainty. It became difficult for UK citizens to find funding for their property investments, let alone overseas buyers.

But, we’re able to support investors even if they have no UK footprint. Borrowers, who had no UK assets to their names, recently turned to us for funding. Our underwriter got to work on this case with no hesitation.

Manoeuvring into a new commercial market

The sellers had converted the property so that it could be used for a different industry. However following the completion of that project, they were applying pressure on the borrowers to complete. But, the borrowers original plans for this investment faced unexpected delays. A commercial mortgage they were arranging took much longer than anticipated.

To ensure their plans didn’t fall through, we had to move quickly. Our underwriter determined their plans sat on solid foundations, even with no UK assets involved. The borrowers also held assets abroad and had access to cash reserves.

Also, our underwriter worked with the surveyors involved to ensure the underlying property held enough potential to justify the loan. What’s more, as the borrowers had multiple exit strategies available to them, and had no adverse issues in their background checks, we were happy to issue the funds.

As we delivered the funding quickly, the borrowers were offered breathing space to complete, and avoid undue pressure from an interested vendor.

UK property remains popular with foreign investors

Despite the economic hardship the UK is facing, our property market is still proving popular with foreign investors. This is especially true in London, where money is flooding in from the US, Singapore, and elsewhere.

And as we move into 2023, the specialist market will likely play an increasingly important role here. Mainstream lending is set to slow down even further in 2023, while looming legislative changes may prove difficult to navigate for foreign buyers.

But, we can take these uncertainties into account. We’ll remain flexible for domestic and foreign investors alike, and with our loan book heading to an on-target amount of £1.2bn in 2023, we’re well experienced in supporting the market. Find out more about why high street banks may be hesitant to offer their own bridging products.

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