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We can work with property investors from a range of backgrounds. From first-time buyers through to seasoned professionals. But it’s rare when we find a borrower that’s technically both.

A borrower turned to us for a residential investment, consisting of multiple properties within a single block. While the client had decades of experience in property, this was their first step into this particular kind of investment.

To ensure it all went smoothly, our underwriter got to work assessing the case.

Moving quickly to organise multiple valuations

The units being invested into came from the conversion of a non-residential building and the investor had long term plans for them. To make sure these plans weren’t delayed, our underwriter worked quickly to have the valuations completed and find out if there were any potential issues.

We could see the properties being invested into held a lot of potential, in an area which was seeing higher valuations overall, which was a good start for the deal.

As this was the borrowers first investment of this kind, our underwriter also analysed their financial background to ensure the deal sat on solid foundations. The client had access to other capital and this, along with their sensible exit strategy, made us comfortable in issuing funding.

We can help you prepare

We’re happy to hear from all kinds of property investors – no matter how unique their situation. We can work with first-time buyers, foreign nationals or offshore companies, and various corporate setups.

This openness may prove crucial over the coming months, as we prepare for a challenging period ahead of us before the market starts to rebound.

No matter what tests lay ahead though, we’ll be there to support property investors. We’re well on our way to having a loan boak of £1.1bn, and we’re keen to issue this funding to entrepreneurial property investors. We’ve lent – through good times and bad – since 2006, and we have no plans to slow down.

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