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We’re happy to support foreign nationals investing in the UK property market, even if it’s their first UK purchase. A borrower, based overseas, turned to us to aid their investment in a new residential property.

As this borrower had no assets in the UK to support the application, we had to look at their wider picture. Our underwriter explored their external portfolio to make sure the deal was secure. We also examined the future potential of the property itself to make sure it could be a worthwhile investment over the long term.

We had to address a lot of factors with this deal. Fortunately, as our underwriting process is so thorough, we were able to cover every possible issue, while also putting back up plans in place.

First time buyers can be tricky to support

There was a lot of newness to this deal. Not only was the borrower making their first purchase in the UK, but the property itself was brand new. Meaning, there wasn’t much of a precedence to measure this deal up against.

But, our underwriter looked into the property’s location to gauge its potential. We saw it was based in a desirable spot which still had plenty of development on the horizon. The property’s location would also likely make it attractive to a range of residential buyers or other property investors.

Also, we double checked the feasibility of the exit strategy. The borrower was looking to refinance onto a longer-term product, which is one of the main ways our bridging loans are used, to close the gap between purchase and the approval of longer-term facility. We looked into it to make sure that this was possible and that they’d work for the client’s circumstances. With multiple assurances in place, we felt comfortable in issuing funding.

We can help keen overseas buyers

Despite the negativity seen in the media, foreign nationals still recognise the potential of the UK property market. Overseas buyers investing in English or Welsh property most predominantly come from Hong Kong, Singapore, the US, the UAE, Malaysia, China, and more.

It can be difficult for these investors to gain access to our market, however. Often, there’s more red tape to get through, along with due diligence which threatens to slow down deals.

Fortunately, with several years of specialist lending behind us, we know how to adapt to these potential roadblocks. In fact, we have a foreign national/overseas bridging finance product available which was created from the ground up with these issues in mind.

We’re also proud of the fact that regardless of whether we’re working with overseas buyers or domestic borrowers, we can issue funding in as little as 3 days. If you’re a property investor who resides abroad, or a broker representing foreign national buyers, we’re here for you.

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