MFS examines the relationship between buy-to-let investors and financial brokers

The UK’s specialist finance industry has transformed the way property investors are able to secure capital. The rising popularity of bridging loans, for instance, means that investors now have fast access to short-term finance for property purchases and refurbishment projects.

However, with a growing number of alternative finance providers offering a range of different financial products, there is a wealth of options now available for those looking to make residential property purchases.

For buy-to-let investors seeking to expand their property portfolio, choosing the right type of financial product is vital. But what are the factors influencing their financial decisions? And how important are brokers when it comes to providing advice on the different products available?

To find out, Market Financial Solutions commissioned an independent survey of 2,000 UK adults. Recently featured in the Financial Times, the findings can be found in our new infographic, which provides valuable insight into how property investors navigate the growing menu of financial products they have to choose from.

Download MFS’ new infographic to find out: 

  • How buy-to-let investors fund their property purchases
  • How many property investors rely on brokers to inform their financial decisions
  • How much market knowledge there is of alternative finance products 

At MFS, we understand the importance of tailored loans that are catered to the specific requirements of the individual. That’s why, with vast experience and exceptional customer service, our team of underwriters handle each enquiry they receive on a case-by-case basis. We work closely with our extensive broker network to ensure they are able to support their clients no matter how complex the financial circumstances may be.

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