Celebrating a year of record-breaking achievements for MFS

record-breaking achievements

We look back on a year of record-breaking achievements for MFS

2019 was a testing year for many financial markets and industry sectors. The political and economic uncertainty caused by Brexit presented challenges for consumers, businesses and investors alike – this was certainly true in the bridging loan industry.

However, here at Market Financial Solutions (MFS), the past 12 months also delivered many standout moments. In fact, 2019 was our strongest year on record with new milestones reached and a record number of bridging loans written and deployed, all supported by a growing team of the UK’s leading bridging finance professionals.

To celebrate our achievements amidst trying conditions, we have created a new infographic charting our successes in 2019. From rolling out our bridging loan services across the UK to deploying our largest bridging loan to date and reducing our rates to stimulate property investment, we have been proudly supporting the needs of brokers and borrowers in need of fast finance.

Click here to download your exclusive copy of our new infographic.

With 2020 now underway, there are many reasons for optimism. Indeed, the result of the recent General Election means Prime Minister Boris Johnson now has the overwhelming majority he was seeking, making it more likely that he will be able to deliver on his promise to “get Brexit done”. This, in turn, will provide much-needed clarity and certainty to the UK economy.

Meanwhile, for MFS, our stellar performance over the past year has given us great confidence that we can continue to go from strength to strength in the coming months. We are in a great position to extend our reach and provide even more fast finance to people investing in property across the UK.

If you’re interested in working with MFS in the future, you can request a copy of our current Lending Guide for a complete breakdown of our services, intermediary incentives and specialist finance products.

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