Short term loan to cover unfinished project

cover unfinished project

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Initial Circumstances

One of our existing brokers came to us with a client who was developing a residential property in Kent, where the work was left incomplete due to a funding shortage. They were looking for a small loan to cover the remaining works.

MFS Solution

The borrower was having issues with other first charge lenders due to the development work being incomplete, despite the practical completion being already signed off.

The borrower was an experienced developer who needed a loan with a low LTV rate of 42% and with the major works already being completed, we were able to deploy funds quickly in order to allow the client to complete his project in full.

The Benefits

Funds were deployed simply and efficiently, with the bridging loan completed within two weeks.

As there was no initial press for time, the broker was left incredibly satisfied with the quick distribution of the loan, in order to get the property finalised for his client.

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