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We’re always willing to support investors with their commercial plans, whether that be expanding a business’ operations, or the purchasing of new properties. A borrower turned to us to support their plans to purchase a semi-commercial property.

The borrower had been running their business from the commercial unit of the property for some time, and a rare opportunity to purchase the property had arisen. It was perfect timing for the borrower, they just needed fast finance to secure their investment.

Our underwriter investigated the borrower’s background, along with their long-term business plans, to ensure the deal sat on solid foundations. We moved quickly to make sure their more complex situation wouldn’t slow down the case.

A complicated history

The borrower aimed to purchase the mixed-use property consisting of the already discussed commercial unit, and a self-contained flat. However, the property was attractive to external buyers, so our borrowers wanted to move quickly – both to secure the property for themselves, and ensure their business was able to continue as normal.

We reviewed the borrower’s situation internally, determining no problems would emerge.

We also worked with the valuer to determine the prospects of this investment. They confirmed it held potential and with the borrower having a long-term plan in place, along with a solid refinancing exit strategy, we were able to deliver funding.

There are a lot of commercial options out there

Commercial property can still present investors with opportunity, even in the current market. We’ve seen many sectors hit by the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis shut-up-shop in recent years. But this may present opportunities to bring debilitated spaces back to life, which could include pubs or Airbnbs.

Evidently though, there may be a lot of variation out there, which could complicate a deal. Commercial ventures can range between office expansions, through to investing in shipping logistical hubs.

Fortunately, we have a range of specialist products designed to adapt to these complicated fields. Including commercial loans, semi-commercial loans, and auction finance.

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