MFS prepares for exciting overseas expansion

Over the past decade, significant market demand for fast, flexible finance has fuelled the impressive growth of the UK’s bridging industry.

Reflected by the steady rise in average UK house prices, investor appetite for bricks and mortar investment shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Importantly, this appetite for property investment requires a finance landscape that is able to cater to different buyers’ situations – bridging loans now form an important part of this landscape. Currently worth more than £4 billion, bridging finance has played a vital role in ensuring prospective buyers are able to quickly take advantage of both commercial and residential real estate investment opportunities.

As part of the first wave of pioneering bridging lenders in the UK, Market Financial Solutions (MFS) has become renowned for its delivery of tailored solutions to support the property investment strategies of its clients. Our seasoned team of underwriters and bridging experts are adeptly positioned to deliver sophisticated bridging solutions no matter how complicated the case may be. Having recently extended our lending services to the Midlands, MFS remains a leading figure of the UK’s bridging sector.

Now, inspired by the rapid growth of the country’s bridging industry, international markets are looking to UK lenders for new property funding and investment opportunities.

Responding to this overseas demand, MFS is excited to announce that it will soon be expanding its operations into one of the world’s leading financial centres. This expansion will include the opening of a brand new office, supported by a team of bridging experts.

More information will be revealed very soon; we look forward to updating you all!

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