Bad Credit Bridging Loans


Fixed & variable

Term Length:

3 – 24 months


up to 75%

Loan amount:

£100k – £50m

bad credit bridging loans

Bad credit bridging finance when needed

Bad credit bridging loans can be the last lifeline when traditional lenders refuse funding.

  • Min. loan amount: £100k
  • Max. loan amount: £50m
  • Max. LTV: 75%
  • Interest rates: variable rate from 0.55% (+BBR), fixed rate from 0.95%
  • Charge type (1st/2nd): 1st & 2nd
  • Term: 3 – 24 months
  • Completion time: Funding can be issued in as little as 3 days. Average length around 2 weeks.
  • Exit fee: POA
  • Location of property: England, Wales

Limitless calculations

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Bad Credit Bridging Loans: All You Need to Know

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term, specialised form of finance designed to support your plans while you organise long term finance, amongst other reasons. Typically, they are used to “bridge the gap” between selling an existing property and buying a new one. Therefore, adverse credit bridging loans are utilised where flexibility and speed are of the essence. Moreover, bridge loans can also be useful for properties bought at auction, refurbishment plans, or commercial investments.

What is bad credit?

Bad credit is a broad term used to define a person who has struggled to pay their bills on time in the past. In the UK, a person’s credit history is monitored and assessed through 3 credit reference agencies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. These 3 agencies use differentiating numerical scales to visualise a credit score. Typically, the closer a score is to zero, the worse the credit rating is.

In general, if someone has adverse credit, it is believed they may struggle to cover debts in the future. Consequently, it may make it more difficult to attain funding, as traditional lenders will view them as a risky investment. For that reason, bad credit bridging loans are forms of specialised finance offered to those with these kinds of imperfect backgrounds.

Can you get a bridging loan with a bad credit history?

Specialist lenders like MFS will often issue funding to borrowers with adverse credit and a spotty background. For instance, we may provide bad credit bridging finance if you have missed payments in the past, there have been new accounts frequently, or there is a debt relief order – all of which would dent your credit score.

How to get a bridging loan with bad credit

Bad credit bridging finance providers like us are usually willing to take a bit more risk on board. But to reflect this risk, the interest rates paid is sightly higher.

We still perform credit checks, even for especially bad credit bridging loans. But, we will factor these checks in with your wider profile. On top of your finances, we will examine other assets you own, your exit strategy, business acumen and more.

To get bad credit bridging loans, you will need to highlight any other forms of capital you have. Additionally, you should provide evidence for how you tried to rectify blips in your credit history. Perhaps there was a missed repayment a few years ago, but since then you have gone out of your way to cover your debts.

Is a credit check necessary?

We will always perform a credit check on you to determine if you are safe to lend to. However, the severity of these checks can vary. Credit checks are usually split into “soft” and “hard” checks.

Soft checks are done to see if you may be suitable for a loan. This is not considered a full search and the results will not appear on your record. However, hard credit checks will examine your entire financial history and will leave a “footprint” on your credit report. Hard checks may follow on from soft checks, where we start progressing a deal.

When is bad credit too bad to get a bridging loan?

This will vary from lender to lender. We will assess your case on invididual merit rather than rejecting you for a certain credit rating. We tend to say yes, rather than no, so do get in touch and we will look into the details of your circumstances.

The effect of a bad credit bridging loan on your credit history

As with any form of lending, an adverse credit bridging loan may affect your credit history/record. Where bridge loans are repaid by the end of the agreed term (or sooner) ratings may not be affected. It may even go up. But, where repayment or exit plans go wrong, your credit score could be affected.

How much can I borrow with adverse credit?

Generally, with MFS, you can borrow £100k to £50m through bad credit bridging loans. The terms will depend on your specific circumstances which will be agreed with you before the loan process starts.

Options for an exit strategy

The terms of bad credit bridging finance will be heavily dependent on your exit strategy. We would want to understand how you plan to cover the loan, and the timeframe for completion. Often, an exit strategy will involve long-term refinancing, or the selling of an asset to cover the debt.

How to apply?

Indeed, you can get the application process for your bad credit bridging finance started by contacting us directly. This can be done through multiple routes including email, phone calls, and live chat. Straightaway, we will assign a dedicated underwriter for you and get back to you within 4h so you can move forward quickly.

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